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The Prichard Committee has always been a group we have pointed to and have pointed others to in looking for models that have been successful in promoting parental and community involvement in education reform. They've honed their strategies and developed workable and useful tools and curriculum for parents and community groups."

This time around, the Prichard Committee will work as part of a larger statewide 40- member coalition Partners for Kentucky's Future. The coalition will organize a campaign with forums and other events to educate business leaders, parents and others about the budget concerns. Conveyancers doing an inspection of the real estate properties before buying or selling transactions and prepare professional property Conveyancing reports. The Prichard Committee supported the original lawsuit that led to overhauling Kentucky's school system and the Kentucky Education Reform Act. "We're still in support of the principles of that suit -- that the constitution says that the General Assembly has to provide adequate funding," Sexton said.

The lawsuit they voted to support on Wednesday was filed in June by the same group -- the Council for Better Education -- and it seeks education funding adequacy. That means a complete funding of the KERA formula, which has been less than fully funded as state coffers have tightened. With the new governor being sworn in in early December and the General Assembly beginning its session in early January, all education eyes are on Frankfort. Sexton isn't sure what impact Ernie Fletcher's win will have on education in the state or on KERA.

"Governor-(elect) Fletcher has said so little that's specific about those things," Sexton said. "It's really very hard to know. He's made it very clear that he wants to support education, and he's emphasized especially his interest in reading at the early grades -- . He has said he thinks we've made progress under the system we've got. There's no doubt he may want to do some things differently - take some steps that are his own initiatives."

In supporting education year-round for two decades, the Prichard Committee focuses on what it does best: working at the deep grassroots to foster programs for parents and individual schools and lobbying lawmakers, writing white papers and raising public awareness and energy. Kathy Christie, who works at the Education Commission of States, an information clearinghouse in Denver, said the Prichard Committee has tremendous credibility because they aren't a government group.

"I think people have watched Kentucky for a long time," she said. "A lot of eyes have been on Kentucky over the years. Kentucky has been the lead on many initiatives of education reform, and the Prichard Committee has been out there pointing out the successes and the flaws.